Why is My Nighthawk App Not Working on iPhone?

Nighthawk app is very well-known for making our lives easier, no matter whether we use an Android device or iPhone. But, many users have been searching on Google that the app is not working on their iPhones even after using the correct Nighthawk router login details. We have observed that you are one of them, aren’t you? If yes, working through the steps provided in this article would be a great help to you. So, without much delay, continue reading!

Resolved: Nighthawk App Not Working

Getting Nighthawk app issues are common, fortunately, there are fixes to troubleshoot it. So, scroll down a little and get the tactics to resolve the “Nighthawk app not working on iPhone” issue.

Fix 1: Restart Your iPhone

Restart your iPhone. Before that – check for software updates available on it. If you find any, just download and install it. Your iPhone will reboot automatically once the update process gets completed.

And, if your iPhone is already up-to-date, do the following prior to restarting it:

  • Make some space on your iPhone by deleting some media, files, and apps
  • Put your iPhone on charge
  • Once you are done, restart your iPhone

Hopefully, this has resolved the issue for you. If not, apply the next fix highlighted below.

Fix 2: Uninstall and Reinstall the App

If the Nighthawk app is still not working on your iPhone, then do one thing – uninstall the app. Yes, you read it right! Trust us! Uninstall it now! After uninstalling the app, restart your iPhone once again. Once your iPhone gets restarted, navigate to App Store. Type “Nighthawk app” (without quotes) in the search bar. Please see the correct version of the app prior to downloading as per the iPhone model you have. Once you verified the app version, download it on your iPhone. Wait for the process to get completed. It may take a few minutes.

Now, the app is downloaded, isn’t it? Log in using valid Nighthawk router login details.

And that’s it! You are logged in! It means that the Nighthawk app has been successfully working on your iPhone.

Still no luck? Argh! No worries! It means that the Nighthawk app needs an update. So, to make the app work, update it right away. And, one more thing you can do is go to Settings on your iPhone. Once you have reached there – go to apps permission. Maybe the Nighthawk app is not working because you haven’t permitted it. So, allow the app to work on your device by giving it permission to work. Just follow the instructions as per the model you have.

Nighthawk app is still not working? Is this issue is with Nighthawk app only? Means, try to access routerlogin.net web address. If the web address loads up quickly, it means that the issue is only with the Nighthawk app.

No worries! The article hasn’t ended yet. The next fix will surely help you resolve the issue on the fly.

Fix 3: Check Your Internet Connection

Slow internet connection can also be one of the main reasons behind getting “Nighthawk app not working on iPhone” issue. To get it fixed, make sure that your internet connection is working fine. Just in case you find ups and downs in your WiFi connection, reboot your entire network and contact your ISP right away.

Once you have access to a good internet connection, see if the Nighthawk app is working. But, ensure that the mobile data or the WiFi icon is enabled on your iPhone.

Note: If the WiFi icon is enabled, we suggest you disable the mobile data. And, if you are trying to access the Nighthawk app over mobile data, please disable WiFi.

The Last Words

So, did the last fix help you access the Nighthawk app on your iPhone? Let us know your feedback!

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