What, Getting Nighthawk Extender No LED? Let’s Fix This!

Are you getting no LEDs issue on your Nighthawk extender? If you nod in yes, then there is nothing to worry about. First of all, make sure that you have active internet connection and you have performed Nighthawk extender setup process in a proper way.

And, even after getting an active internet connection and performing Nighthawk extender setup process in a proper way, you are still getting no LED issue, then you must follow the hacks provided in this post.

Over here, you will get the topmost fixes to resolve the issue on the fly.

Troubleshoot: Nighthawk Extender No LED

Before proceeding further, let us make you familiar with the reasons causing the issue:

  • Improper Nighthawk extender placement
  • Nighthawk extender setup process not performed in a proper way
  • Your existing router is not connected to the extender or the router is placed far away from the reach of your Nighthawk device
  • Outdated firmware version on the extender
  • Your Nighthawk extender is not properly plugged in or it is not getting a steady power supply

Now, you can proceed with troubleshooting Nighthawk extender no LED issue.

Restart Your Nighthawk Extender

Start troubleshooting “Nighthawk extender no LED” issue by power cycling it once. We assure you that – after applying this fix, you don’t desire for more fixes to troubleshoot the issue. And, if the issue doesn’t get resolved, don’t forget we have got you covered! We won’t end this post until unless the issue gets resolved.

Here’s how to power cycle or restart your Nighthawk extender:

  • First of all, unplug your Nighthawk extender.
  • Then, disconnect it from your existing router.
  • Wait for short span of time.
  • Then, plug your Nighthawk extender back in.
  • Connect the Nighthawk extender to your router again.
  • The LEDs on your Nighthawk extender will start blinking.
  • Wait till they get stable.

And, there you are! The no LED issue on your Nighthawk extender is fixed now. So, as we promised, you won’t need further fixes to troubleshoot the issue after applying this fix. Still, if you get the same issue, just don’t stop reading the post. Before the ending of this piece of writing, you will definitely see stable LEDs on your Nighthawk extender.

Check Connection between Devices

Nighthawk extender no LED issue can also persists if there is no or poor connection between your extender and router. For fixing the issue, all you have to do is to ensure that a stable connection is made between your extender and router, be it Ethernet or wireless.

Outdated Firmware

The no LED issue will also annoy you if the firmware version on your Nighthawk extender is outdated. So, without thinking much, straightaway download the Nighthawk app and know how to update Nighthawk extender’s firmware.

Please wait for the firmware update process to get completed. In short, do not interrupt it. Let your extender get reboot itself.

Change the Extender’s Location

You cannot see any LED activity on your Nighthawk WiFi range extender if there are interference-creating obstructions placed in the path of it. So, the best way to get the issue fixed is to change the location of your Nighthawk WiFi range extender right away.

Keep the extender in an area in your home where it is getting no WiFi-signal interference of the obstructions like baby monitors, Alexa devices, Bluetooth speakers, gaming consoles, smart HDTV, Play stations, etc.

Also, if you place the extender in reach of your existing router and your router openly, then this would be one of the best fixes to get rid of “Nighthawk extender no LED” issue.

Why router? Because the WiFi signals coming out from your WiFi router are very important for your Nighthawk extender to perform well. And, if your Nighthawk extender is well performing, you will see all the LEDs flashing on it and that too in solid green color.

Reconfigure Your Nighthawk Extender

Chances are that your Nighthawk WiFi range extender is partially configured. If so, then you will surely not going to see any LED on it. For fixing this, just reset your Nighthawk extender back to factory default setting and then perform the Nighthawk extender setup process again.

To reset the extender, all you have to do is to press and hold the reset hole on your Nighthawk device for short span of time and then release it. Once you are done with the reset process, perform the Nighthawk extender process again by navigating to its setup page using mywifiext.net or following the instructions provided on the Nighthawk app.

Yes, Nighthawk app can also be used for the configuration process of your WiFi range extender. Isn’t the app useful?

The Last Words

Here ends our article on how to get rid of “Nighthawk extender no LED” issue. We hope that you are not getting the issue and enjoying the internet range to the fullest. So, from which corner of your house you are enjoying seamless internet connectivity? Please share!

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