How to Reset Setek WiFi Extender to Default Settings?

Your Setek WiFi extender might occasionally need to be reset. The problem could occur if you’ve forgotten your default password or your extender is causing you serious problems. You may occasionally become bored of going through all the troubleshooting processes and have no alternative but to reset the device to its factory default settings. The only other option is to reset the device. This practical advice will be useful if you find yourself in such a situation and are wondering how to reset Setek WiFi extender. Walk through the instructions mentioned in this post and learn how to reset your extender.

Before diving into the steps, it’s good to understand why you might need to reset your Setek WiFi extender. Here are a few common reasons:

  1. Connection Issues: If your extender isn’t connecting properly or the signal is weak, a reset can help resolve the problem.
  2. Forgotten Configuration: If you’ve made changes to the settings and can’t remember them, a reset will return everything to the default.
  3. Reconfiguration: If you’re changing your network setup or moving the extender to a new location, resetting it is a good starting point.

Steps to Reset Setek Extender

  1. Disconnect the Devices

The very first thing you need to do is disconnect any device that is connected to its network. Apart from this, detach the Ethernet connection between the wireless range extender and the host router.

  1. Check Power Supply

While conducting a reset on your extender, it is crucial to ensure it is powered on. Therefore, contemplate plugging it into a wall socket if it hasn’t been activated yet. It’s imperative to verify that the device is receiving a consistent power supply and is properly powered up. Keep an eye on the LEDs. A steady power LED signifies that the extender is fully operational and booted up.

  1. Detect the Reset Button

Every WiFi extender has a reset button, usually a small hole or a recessed button. For the Setek WiFi extender, it’s typically found on the side or back of the device.

  1. Grab a Pointed Object

To press or hold the reset button, you will need a sharp pointed object like a toothpick, a paper clip, or a pen. Be sure that it is small enough to fit into the reset hole.

  1. Reset Your Setek Extender

As soon as you detect the reset button, grab a toothpick and press or hold the button. Thereafter, wait for a couple of seconds till the LED light starts blinking. Once done, release the button.

In this way, you can reset the Setek WiFi range extender to its factory default mode. Now, you need to install the wireless range extender from scratch. If you don’t know how to configure your Setek range extender, then follow the below-mentioned instructions in the exact way to execute the whole process.

How to Setup Setek Extender Using WPS Button?

  • First of all, bring the wireless range extender to the same room where your host router is placed.
  • Next, insert the extender into a well-working power socket.
  • As soon as you find the power LED light on the extender, find the WPS button and press it.
  • Do the same thing on the router i.e. find the WPS button and press it.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds.
  • Now, your range extender is set up with the home router.

In this manner, you can configure the Setek extender by using the WPS button. Apart from this, you can also install your extender via

The Bottom Lines

With that! We end our guide on how to reset Setek extender. Resetting your Setek WiFi Extender to its default settings is a useful troubleshooting step that can help resolve various connectivity issues.

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