The Best Way to Choose the Perfect Lipstick Shades for Your Skin Tone

Are you looking for the perfect lipstick shade to define your personality? If so, let’s begin by choosing the best options that you could add to your lip care collection. In this article, we will discuss how you should choose the perfect one as per your skin tone. We would also mention a few branded products that you may consider making your appearance more charming than ever!

All premium cosmetic brands are like hidden gems because they provide you with the luxurious aesthetic look of your dreams. They are designed to be easy for someone who has a limited amount of time but wants to take care of themselves. We believe that you are trying to make today the perfect day to pick the finest high-end cosmetics for yourself.

What should you know before buying lipstick?

When choosing the best-suited lip shade for yourself, it is best to consider some well-advised aspects. Applying colors to your lips may completely transform your appearance. Therefore, it’s critical to understand which shade best compliments your skin tone. One should go for the lipstick shades that complement one’s skin tone and outfit. 

Neutrals, bright shades, and pale pinks are ideal for light or fair complexion. But on the other hand, people with medium skin tones appear best in cherry red and mauve tints. At the same time, those with dark skin tones can go for rich purples or browns. We advise choosing a color, shade, and tone that is darker than your natural lip color.

Note: Your skin needs proper care and protection, especially this summer season. The harsh UV rays damage your skin and harm your skin tone. Choose the best sunscreen for your face daily, which will help protect your skin and provide deep nourishment. It is very important to regularly add the best sunscreen for face to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

Choosing lipstick shades in trend in summers:

It would help if you opted for pinks, orangish, and warm lipstick shades during the summertime. Throughout this period, these shades will always be attractive. Furthermore, the shades are flattering on nearly all skin tones. If your lips are dry and flaky, you should consider creaming and nourishing lipsticks to hydrate them. 

  1. Although matte lipsticks last longer, these might draw attention to each lip line. If you already have dry lips, you should skip matte lipsticks. 
  2. Whenever you want a more polished look, use a lip balm before applying matte lipstick, or go for matte lipsticks which nourish your lips and don’t feel heavy. 

Just like Mamaearth’s Matte Long-lasting lipsticks are made with the goodness of natural ingredients and nourish your lips from within without feeling heavy and sticky. In addition, you may note that Mamaearth’s wide range of matte long-lasting lipsticks comes in nine beautiful shades and stays up to 12-hour straight. Enriched with the goodness of Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, this lightweight formula deeply hydrates and nourishes your lips and seals in the moisture for up to 8 hours. 

That’s not the only thing about these wonderful lipstick shades. They are MadeSafe certified, which means they are free from harmful chemicals and toxins and are cruelty-free—a perfect blend of color and care, especially for this summer season. BFF for Indian Skin tone is now available in India. 

How to Pick the Right Lipstick shade, as per your undertone?

Unfortunately, there is no technique for choosing the perfect lipstick shades. You’ll have to try many times to discover the correct one. However, one may use your undertones as a reference: Try applying a few shades of the same color on the inside of your hand and see how the undertones appear against your complexion.

  • For people with warm or pale undertones: If you have warm or yellow undertones or an olive complexion, go for a lipstick shade in the following warm colors:  The colors orangey-red, brick-red, and terra-cotta will brighten your complexion.
  • For people with blue or red undertones: A lipstick with cold undertones, such as blueish or purplish tints, is the perfect match for a cool complexion with blue or pink undertones. We recommend you try a rich plum color. It is a vivid cherry red color that leans more towards blue than orange or maybe towards berry colors like raspberry.
  • For people with neutral undertones: They work well extremely with various shades. Try lavender hues for the medium complexion, pinkish tones for fair skin, and berry shades for darker complexions if you have neutral skin color or aren’t sure what your undertones seem. It would work even if you wanted to try something new but are unsure of the results.

The structure of your lips is also crucial when choosing the appropriate lipstick shades for yourself. Individuals with thin lips should avoid dark colors and creamy, shiny lipsticks, making their lips look thinner. Using a lighter shade on your lips may help them appear plumper. 

In addition, lips will seem fuller with glossy and sparkly textures. Before wearing lipstick, always use a lip pencil to shape the lips thoroughly. You should try a few different colors and textures to see which one makes you comfortable whenever you buy lipstick.

Summing up!

So here we are to the end of the article, discussing which lipstick shades suit skin tones and how. Discussing these major topics, we tend to forget about a few essential makeup/skincare products to be added to your daily regime to protect your skin. Sunscreen and moisturizer are two essential items that should be a part of your daily routine, apart from lipsticks which give you a bold appearance.

Using SPF 50 regularly, whether you are stepping out or staying back at home, will help your skin feel refreshed and protected from harmful environmental conditions, especially in this harsh summer season. Moisturizing is also important to keep dry and dull skin at bay. 

Enjoying your lipstick shade appearance with dry skin will not make you feel very nice. Therefore, you should apply non-sticky and lightweight moisturizers to achieve healthy and nourished skin.

Talking about these essential products, we would like to recommend to you a genuine and MadeSafe certified brand as discussed above. Mamaearth is Asia’s first toxin-free brand and has a wide range of skincare, haircare, baby care, and makeup products available in the market. You should check out their range not just because it is safe for you but also because it has an effective initiative running for the environment.

]We welcome you to check out Mamaearth’s website for more information, be a part of their campaigns, and begin with your self-care with this MadeSafe-certified brand’s protection. 

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