How to Choose the Best Hair Oil Online from Mamaearth?

At Mamaearth, our range of hair oils with natural ingredients helps in hair hydration, growth, and shine. Go ahead and make the right choice from a wide variety of hair oils that does justice to your locks. 

 1. Know Your Hair Type: Determining your hair type is the first step in your hair oiling routine. At Mamaearth, we have a whole range of oils suited to dry, damaged hair, normal and oily hair. 

2. Address Your Concern(s): Should you be dealing with specific hair concerns like hair fall, dandruff, frizz, or premature graying, the Mamaearth Red Onion Hair Oil range is equipped to help you with each of these issues.

3. Choose the Best-Suited Ingredients: Here are some natural ingredients that need to be a part of your hair care regimen:

  • Redensyl is a potent ingredient that is extremely effective in controlling hair fall. It can boost hair density, thickness, and overall strength. Opt for Mamaearth Hair Fall Control Kit that fights hair fall and encourages healthy hair growth.
  • Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties that help reduce free radicals and oxidative stress while repairing damaged hair follicles. Mamaearth Tea Tree Shampoo, Onion shampoo For Hair Growth and Onion Hair Oil combo comes with the goodness of Vitamin E. Count on it to strengthen your hair roots and make them less prone to breakage.
  • Fermented Rice Water is rich in amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. It helps strengthen hair, adds shine, and makes it smooth and silky. Mamaearth Damage Repair Kit helps you nourish your hair with the goodness of rice.
  • Keratin ismade up of 18 amino acids that help maintain the hair’s moisture balance. Count on it for natural smoothness and shine. Mamaearth Essential Anti-Hair Fall Kit comes loaded with the goodness of ingredients like Keratin, Onion, Niacinamide, and Bhringraj.
  • Coconut improves overall scalp health and promotes hair growth. It has superior antifungal properties that keep scalp and hair healthy. Experience the goodness of coconut in the Anti-Hair Fall Spa Kit that offers you softer, smoother, and shinier hair.

What Makes Mamaearth Stand Out?

At Mamaearth, we ensure that your hair care regimen is enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients. In fact, Mamaearth is Asia’s first brand with Made Safe Certified Products®. All our products are made without toxic chemicals like Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oils, and Sulfates. Our products are also cruelty-free & PETA-certified. We stand committed to the cause of sustainability and ensure that we recycle twice as much plastic as we use. Come make a contribution towards a greener earth as each time you buy a product from us, we plant a tree!

  1. The best selling Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil comes enriched with Onion Oil, which is rich in Sulphur, Potassium & Antioxidants. It reduces hair fall & accelerates hair growth. It also has Redensyl, a breakthrough ingredient in hair growth that unblocks hair follicles and boosts new hair growth.
  2. Mamaearth BhringAmla Hair Oil comes with potent herbs including Bhringraj and Amla that keep hair strong & scalp healthy. This 100% natural formula controls hair loss, prevents premature graying, and reduces dandruff.

Count on Mamaearth Tea Tree Hair Oil that comes with the goodness of Tea Tree & Ginger Oil and helps in fighting dandruff. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties gently treat the scalp and banish dandruff-causing bacteria. Count on it to unclog the scalp build-up and nourish the hair follicles.

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