Best Penny Stocks To Buy In India 2022

Today many investors invest in the best penny stocks to buy in India 2022 and while investing, many questions come to mind like; Planning to invest in stocks in 2022? Want to stay ahead of stock trends?  Which stocks should you invest in 2022? Will 2022 be a good year to invest in stocks?  Which stock will have the best return on investment in 2022? What can we expect from the stock market in 2022? Etc.

That’s why we all do a lot of research before investing in the stock market. After that they invest, now 2022 is going to come and all the investors are thinking about the same thing in which stock, which one will go up, or how the stock will go up. If you want to earn money from the market, then in this article we will tell you in detail about the stock price less than ₹ 1, from which you can earn good money by making a small investment. Also Read: Domino’s Franchise In India

Best Penny Stocks to Buy in India 2022

Kaiser Corporation Ltd

At Thane, the corporation established a project with two divisions: a plastic division that manufactures plastic containers and a printing division that produces high-quality self-adhesive labels and cartons. To help fund its project, it issued a public offering of 13,50,000 equity shares of Rs 10 each for cash at par in March 1996, totaling Rs 135 lac. As of 04:00 PM IST on January 21, 2022, the share price of Kaiser Corporation was Rs 5.69. The share price of Kaiser Corporation increased by 4.98 percent from its previous share price of Rs. 5.17. The share price of Kaiser Corporation has increased by 158.24 percent in the last month. Also Read: Mcdonald’s Franchise

Goenka Diamonds & Jew

The company was established as “Goenka Exports Private Limited,” a private limited company under the Companies Act, on November 5, 1990. The Business ceased to be a private company on July 1, 1997, when it became a “deemed public company” under section 43(A) of the Companies Act. Goenka Diamond’s share price was up 5.00 percent from its previous closing price of Rs 2.9 on January 22, 2022. The share price of Goenka Diamond was Rs 3.15. Also Read: Burger King Franchise

Vikas Lifecare

Vikas Lifecare Limited is an Indian company that trades chemical compounds, polymers, PVC resins, plastic granules, and other plastic-related items. It is divided into four divisions: Real Estate, Trading-Polymers, Trading-Cashew Nuts, and Manufacturing. On January 22, 2022, Vikas Lifecare’s stock was trading below Rs. 8.

Yamini Investments Company Ltd

Yamini Investments Company Limited was started in 1983. The company is involved in the business related to investments like capital, loan, equity. Yamini Investment Company is listed on Bombay Stock Exchange Limited and its scrip code is 511012 if you look at the share price of the company. At present, trading is being seen below Rs. 3 is considered the best penny stocks to buy in India 2022.

There is almost negligible debt on the company, only then despite the company being penny stock, Yamini Investments has been doing its business in profit continuously for the last few years, if you have less budget then you can buy shares of the company. Also Read: KFC Franchise

Devhari Exports (India) Ltd.

Devhari Exports (India) Limited is a Public Limited Company, incorporated on October 11, 1994. The company is engaged in the business of manufacturing of wiring. During FY 2014, the company had two subsidiaries namely Siddheshwar Construction Pvt Ltd and Shemaroo Construction Pvt Ltd.

The paid-up share capital of the company during the financial year 2016-17 was Rs.  7,42,83,377/- divided into 74283377 equity shares of Rs. 1/- each. During the financial year 2016-17, the company became a subsidiary through the acquisition of Jaish Delmark Ltd. Talking about the market cap of Devhari Exports, it is 6.69 crores, which is a very small company. If you look at the share price, the company is currently trading below Rs. 1. Also Read: Baskin Robbins Franchise

MFL India Ltd

My Fair Lady Limited (MFL) is a Delhi-based company that manufactures personal care products. The company markets its cosmetic products under the brand name ‘My Fair Lady’.  The brand is owned by its promoter company ‘My Fair Lady Cosmetics Private Limited’. The company is currently manufacturing perfume spray bindi and combs etc. If seen at present, the share price of MFL India is trading below Rs. 3, if you have less budget then you can buy shares of the company.

Khoobsurat Ltd

Khoobsurat limited was established on 17th April 1982 in Kolkata, West Bengal City. The company is engaged in Mobile Application / Computer Software Development, Synthetic Fabric business as well as Investing in Shares in Securities, Loans. The present authorized capital and paid-up capital of the company are ₹1500.00 lacs and ₹1328.44 lacs respectively

Presently the face value of the equity shares is below ₹ 1/-. In December 2015, the company divided the face value of its equity shares from ₹ 10/- to ₹ 1/- per share.

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