What to Do After I Reset My Rockspace WiFi Extender?

When you face some serious issues with your Rockspace WiFi extender, and no troubleshooting hack seems to fix the problem, the last option that you are left with is to reset the extender. Some other reasons for resetting the device is that you forgot the admin password and can’t reach the admin dashboard. Also, if you need to fresh start from the device, you reset it and begin afresh. After resetting, you need to do the Rockspace extender setup all over again from scratch. This post will shed light on how to go about the setup process after you reset your Rockspace wireless range extender.

Rockspace Extender Reset Done. What Next?

When you reset your extender, the current settings that you customize on it are erased completely. This includes the WiFi settings, passwords, usernames etc. The factory settings get restored on it. That means it will be just like a new device with all the default values and settings on it. You will again need to configure it with your existing network. With that said, we mean you will have to make all the connections once again.

How to Configure Rockspace Wireless Extender?

If you have no idea how to configure a Rockspace extender, then we can help you. The upcoming sections will shed light on clear instructions for the setup process of your extender.

Well, just to inform you, there are two ways that you can use to complete the setup process.

WPS Method– Involves a button named WPS on the extender

Manual Method– requires you to log in to the web interface of the extender

Rockspace Extender Setup Using the WPS Button

  1. Get your Rockspace WiFi extender closer to the host router or the main gateway since it will extend the existing network of the same router.
  2. Now, switch on the router and ensure that it is fully powered on.
  3. Turn on the extender and observe the Power light. Once it stabilizes, know that the extender is turned on properly.
  4. Find the button labeled WPS on the extender and push it gently.
  5. Within two minutes, press the WPS button on your router also.
  6. Don’t delay for more than two minutes.
  7. Repeat the 4 and 5 steps if the router also supports a 5 GHz wireless band.

That’s it! This completes the Rockspace extender setup using the WPS buttons on both devices. This method is considered to be the easiest one. We hope you have the same views.

Under any circumstances, if you fail to carry out the process using the above instructions, then go for the Rockspace WiFi extender manual method of setup.

How to Set Up Rockspace Extender via Web Interface?

  1. Place the extender somewhere in between the router and the place where you want to keep it to extend the signals.
  2. Power down the router for some time now.
  3. You now need to connect the extender to the router. You can choose to connect them using an Ethernet cable. Or you can connect them wirelessly.
  4. If you are using the cable, then make sure you are using a good cable with no cuts on it. The cable has to be inserted into the right ports, which are the LAN port on the router and the Internet port on the extender.
  5. After connecting the devices firmly, switch on the router.
  6. Thereafter, switch on the Rockspace extender.
  7. Let the power LED turn solid. The extender is now ready to be set up.
  8. Power on a computer or laptop.
  9. Connect it to the extender’s network either using WiFi or wirelessly. Please note that the WiFi name and password have been reset to the default values. So connect the PC to the right SSID using the default WiFi password.
  10. Visit re.rockspace.local or the default IP address on an updated internet browser.
  11. As soon as you visit the URL or IP address, the setup page of the extender will display.
  12. Now, all you got to be doing is follow the simple setup instructions you see on the screen.

Wrapping Things Up

Now you know what you should do after you reset your Rockspace WiFi range extender. After you are done setting up your extender, you should consider updating its firmware to the latest version. This will help you avoid any issues with it and also improve its performance.

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