Ways to Get Rid of Insects in your House

There is no home without insects, no matter how neat or cozy it looks. Insects are like humans: they are always looking for a way to survive, and if hanging around your living space can help them with that purpose, then they don’t mind staying around for longer, even with the unwelcoming human gesture. Some of the common insects you will find in almost every household include cockroaches, spiders, domestic centipedes, firebrats, etc.

Sometimes, people derive different ways to get rid of these insects, including bringing insect-eating pets into the house. Different insects usually come up at a particular time of the year, and it is important that you try every means necessary to drive them away, or else it can cause serious health issues.

There are different ways to go about this, which we have detailed in this article. But note the methods we listed in this piece are the ones we consider the most effective and healthier hence, there are more methods out there you can still try out.

Ways to Get Rid of Insects in Homes

1. Never Make them Feel at Home

These insects, like humans, like comfort; don’t give it to them. This is why you must try to sweep and clean daily, locate their place of abode and conduct a thorough cleaning procedure. Even when you don’t feel like conducting thorough cleaning, just make sure you keep your home clean. That way, they will get too uncomfortable and decide to relocate.

2. Seal Up Cracks and Openings in the Wall

Cracks, holes, and other openings in any part of the house have always been the most habitable zone for these creatures. Find those holes and seal them up, and they will relocate. But the most important part is keeping the area clean, even when you are not yet ready to seal it up. Places to focus on are the cracks in windows and doors. Even when the holes and cracks are too small for humans, to these insects, it is like a citadel.

3. Mind the Wet Areas

As we have stated earlier, insects and man have similar attributes. These creatures need food and water, and the best place to get that is from the spilled water littered around the house – do yourself a favor by starving them of that privilege. Ensure you don’t leave spilled water around the house for long. Fix any leaking pipe, faucets, or drainage; most times, their major sources of sustenance are the dirty waters: make sure they don’t get it.


Insects are part of the ecosystem, but there should be limits on how we relate to them. There is another practical way to deal with this situation, the commonest being through applying anti-pest agents, which are made up of chemical agents that kill them on impact. But we must also warn that these chemicalized ways of killing insects can also harm humans and the ecosystem in general. But using specially formulated anti-pests like the Boston Spider Control is safer, and gives you leverage over others with similar pest problems.

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