How Can You Skyrocket Your Career with a Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design Degree?

Hybrid Electric Vehicles have shown their relevance in the past few years. With the new technology, advancement in transportation has also come. Designs play a very vital role in the manufacturing of Electric Vehicles. 

As simple as the designs will be, the vehicle will be more attractive and user-friendly. Four types of Hybrid Electric Vehicle are given below:

  1. Mild Hybrids

A mild Hybrid is a type of electric vehicle designed in such a way that the system boosts the vehicle’s gasoline or acceleration. This hybrid vehicle does not need to be plugged in; instead, it takes energy from the gasoline engine. 

  1. Full Hybrids

Full Hybrid is just like the mild hybrid, but it is more powerful and handles more workload than the mild hybrid. They are generally designed for small distances.

  1. Plug-in Hybrids

These vehicles are designed in a way that external chargers charge them. Hence, they are used for long distances.

  1. Range Extender Hybrids

These vehicles use a gasoline engine to charge themselves. The distance is dependent on the size and energy of the gasoline engine.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design Courses 

There are plenty of courses available to help you and guide you to understand this field deeply. By enrolling yourself in these courses, you can gain so much practical knowledge. The reasons below will tell you why you should opt for a course instead of learning on your own:

  • The course will provide thorough knowledge about Hybrid Electric Vehicle design and analysis.
  • The course will help you to go with the latest industry trends.
  • You can gain in-depth knowledge about electric vehicles, the aerodynamics of vehicles,  and the strength analysis of a vehicle.
  • The course will teach you about different software and how to use them.

There are numerous institutions in India where you can apply by sitting for particular exams. Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, etc., offer the course for Hybrid Electric Vehicles. 

Hybrid Electric Vehicle courses in Mumbai, Hybrid Electric Vehicle courses in Delhi, Hybrid Electric Vehicle courses in Hyderabad, etc., will provide you with the right guidance that any student needs. 

Job Opportunities 

As the world is moving towards technology, hybrid electric vehicles will never fade away. The electric vehicle industry is growing and will experience innovations with its advancement. After completing the courses and degrees, you can apply for the following positions:

  • Overall Vehicle Development Engineer
  • Design Manager
  • Motor Design Engineer
  • BMS Frontline Engineer
  • Design and Development

The scope of the EV industry is infinite. After graduation, opting for the EV industry will give you plenty of opportunities. Although India is not fully used to this kind of transportation, in 5-10 years, India will become a developed country and enhance itself in this field.


Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEVs) is an emerging field in transportation. With these advancements, it is an asset to dive into this field. The Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design course requires technical and soft skills with a creative and innovative mind to excel.

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