Conjunction: Parts of Speech Versus Figures of Speech

We are often confused between figures of speech and parts of speech. Conjunction is an example of a part of speech, while figures of speech are completely different, as it has more to do with the meanings of words instead of grammatical structures. Students should be able to figure out the difference between these two things if they want to learn and excel in the English language. 

A figure of speech is about the usage of single or multiple words to express meanings of certain contexts in literature in a more descriptive and exaggerated sense that uses comparisons, symbols, alternate examples, etc. A figure of speech refers not only to one term, but it used to encompass the various terms that fall under its umbrella. Students can learn about these from various websites on figures of speech. Books are also available that talk about these concepts in detail. 

Just like grammar which needs an ample amount of practice, figures of speech also need to be dealt with rigorous practice and implementation. Students who want to excel in the English language should definitely learn all the figures of speech. Along with their usage in literature, these are also used in daily interactions in formal and informal settings related to work, academics, business meetings, etc. Apart from reading, writing and speaking for a good grasp over figures of speech in English, one should also try to attend talks and literary activities where these are used frequently in proper and creative contexts. One needs to be fluent in these concepts if they want to create a very good profile in their career as well as academics. 

Conjunction: A Component of Parts of Speech 

Conjunction should not be confused with being a figure of speech because it is completely different – in the sense that it is one component of parts of speech in grammar. It works as a connector and has nothing to do with how words can reveal different meanings in layers. Students should be able to differentiate between figures of speech and parts of speech if they want to be able to communicate effectively in English. 

We have often read about the parts of speech in schools when we were young. However, many have confusion as to how a conjunction in English works. Moreover, the dilemma occurs when students have to figure out how the different types of conjunctions work. The concepts can be made clear through the study of various online materials available on trusted websites. Students can also use grammar books to study these topics. Writing any good piece of article is quite difficult without the proper knowledge of conjunctions, as the transition, segue or addition of topics in passages or paragraphs is meaningless without the correct form of conjunctions. 

One absolutely easy way of learning conjunctions is through the practice of writing articles. Students should take an interest in writing both formal and informal articles with active use of conjunctions in those. They can get their writing pieces evaluated by an expert teacher or tutor. This way, they will be able to learn the proper usage of conjunctions through practice and corrections of mistakes. 

Conjunctions are definitely used in figures of speech, but that does not make conjunctions fall under the same category. Figures of speech talk about the art of using language in a more creative and appealing way, while conjunctions are a basic necessity in the syntax of the English language. We should understand this basic difference and try to align our usage of the English language with this basic difference in mind. 

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