Best boxing equipment for beginners:

Are you a beginner at boxing? Are you trying to pick the right pair or find the right boxing equipment? When many people started boxing, they did not know what they were looking for. They bought cheap boxing gloves for someone; they turned out pretty well. They were a pair of BBE lace Velcro. They think they were like 20 pounds in the end and work well. Few people overspend on boxing gloves when they have just started, and it turns out the gloves are not what they expected. They are not as good, or they are not allowed to be used for what they want to use them for, such as sparring, if they have ended up with 10 10-ounce gloves.

Here we will go through a list of equipment recommended for beginner boxing. All these items will be in the cheaper end of the market, so it is people just starting. If you have been boxing for many years, you probably already got most of this equipment. You have probably got much higher spec sort of equipment.

  • Gym bag: 

Number one is a Gym bag; if you buy all your boxing gear, you will need somewhere to keep it. The gym bag is number one; this can be purchased from the local market or online. It is a good buy you can get them from around 20 to 30 pounds. They are also often in the sale, so keep an eye out for those websites. You can eat all your gym stuff to keep in and also like people forget when you are going to gym. If you are asthmatic, so you need someone to keep your inhaler. You also need someone to put your phone and many other things, so get a good gym bag.

  • Water Bottle:

The number two is a water bottle because you will be thirsty. People would be surprised how much they sweat when they are boxing. It is probably why box fit classes were invented because someone went into a boxing class and just absolutely drenched the whole floor. It happens to so many people that they are like 62 kilos, and when they sweat, it’s terrible, especially in boxing. A lot of the gyms do not have excellent ventilation. They prefer to go to one which is upstairs in a gym, and there are like no windows. The mirrors there are like wholly fogged up, and you cannot see anything.

Make sure you get yourself a decent water bottle. Your gym might have a tap, so you need to refill it but if you are unsure, take two drinks. It does not hurt to be well prepared or just like one massive. Try not to use sports drinks too much. When you are first and you are working out, sports drinks will feel quite heavy. They are suitable for after the session, but you want to drink something relatively light during the session, so water is the best option. If you do not like water, put a little bit of squash in it. When you are sweating out, and then you have like a sugar drink, you are going to taste it a lot more. Make sure you dilute it a little, so you do not have too much sugar during your session. It will make it a bit lighter, and you will find that your body absorbs it a lot easier.

  • Skipping Rope:

The number three is skipping rope. If you are joining the boxing gym, as a beginner you need to be prepared to cut. You will do a lot, every warm-up, every in between exercises and stuff. You will find yourself skipping a lot good idea is to get one beforehand and practice a little bit. When they first start missing, many people are dreadful and have coordination between their hands and feet.

So get yourself skipping rope, do not overspend your skipping rope. You have to use 3o pounds, the best skimmer you can get at a low price. They are the best hands down, do not ever spend, and get a cheap one. The cheap ones are way better than all the others, and they do not faff around with no random setting or tech. Whatever, just friendly, affordable, accessible; it’s easier to do your crosses than a metal one. They are usually a lot lighter when you buy the ones with all the bearings, handles, and weights.

  • Boxing Boots:

When you start an exercise or sport and boots are just important as your boxing gloves. Some brands offer the perfect boxing equipment for beginners that; you can get for around 66 pounds. Any pair of wrestling or boxing boots will make you want that ankle support you are looking for. Probably not, hiking boots will be a bit too heavy, but any shoes with ankle support are lightweight. If you have some basketball shoes, they are a bit cumbersome for boxing but make sure you have shoes with ankle support.

  • Boxing gloves:

When it comes to gloves, you do not want to overspend on them and think about what you want to achieve at the boxing gym. Are you going to get fit and get a bit stronger, build a bit of muscle mass or tone up a bit? If that’s the case, get yourself some 10 or 12-ounce gloves. They are going to be a bit lighter, and the padding is going to be moved around a bit, so it is just going to be able to give you a bit more of an enjoyable session. You are not going to feel the burn too much. You will push yourself a little more than you would be with 16-ounce gloves.

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