A Weekend Getaway To Trivandrum With Family

Being a travel enthusiast, touring different places has been an integral part of my life. So to take a much-needed break from my monotonous work-life in Kochi, I go on a quick weekend getaway every three months with my family, which helps us unwind. Since I work in an MNC in Kochi, I planned a quick weekend getaway to Trivandrum via booking a cab from a top-rated car rental app to witness some jaw-dropping views that the capital city of God’s Own Country offers.

Also, let me tell you, despite being the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum has, quite exceptionally, managed to keep itself from the vexatious atmosphere of any regular capital city. Situated on seven hills, this mesmerising city of South India is a perfect retreat – quaint yet metropolitan. So soon after checking in at our hotel, we headed straight to explore this beautiful city that proudly boasts of ancient history and culture.

Here is a brief overview of some intriguing tourist destinations we explored on our weekend getaway to Trivandrum.

Stunning artforms at Margi Theatre

Since I am an ardent art lover, the first place on our Trivandrum trip was the famous Margi Theatre. One of the most impressive and artistic Trivandrum attractions, this theatre is renowned for some of the most captivating classical dance routines.

When the feet of Bharatnatyam, Kathakali, or Kutiyattam dancers hit the stage of this famous theatre, there is a unique and captivating vibe that spreads in the ambiance. The performers of this theatre have not only given shows in India but also showcased their artform in other parts of the world, including the UK, Sweden, Italy, France, Poland, Germany, Spain, and many more.

Renowned artforms at Sri Chitra art gallery

Home to popular and most stunning paintings by none other than renowned Raja Ravi Verma, Sri Chitra Art Gallery is another magnificent spot we visited in Trivandrum.

Along with featuring the exclusive artwork of the well-known artist, this art gallery also covers a tremendous collection of Tanjore paintings and miniature paintings that are decorated with stones and bright shades, and a vast number of artworks from ancient eras of Mughals and Rajasthani. Sri Chitra Art Gallery is famous for its flawlessly amalgamated artefacts from old and contemporary times.

Exploring ancient life at Kanakakunnu Palace

Resting at the peak of a cliff, Kanakakunnu Palace extends some of the most scenic terrains surrounding the park. A visit to this palace and witnessing the architectural beauty teleported us to the golden era of the Travancore dynasty. As we entered this captivating palace, we were welcomed by the rich upholstery, massive chandeliers, and the spirit of royalness spread all around the interiors embellishing the spaces.

Boating and fishing at the Neyyar Dam

Located in the foothills of Western Ghats, approximately 30 km away from the Trivandrum town, Neyyar Dam is a stunning beauty beyond definition and, of course, a well-known traveller hub in Trivandrum. The facilities and food provided by amicable and welcoming residents left us craving for some more time here. While boating was the prime attraction here, we also engaged in fishing in the lively Neyyar Dam.

From mesmerizing lakes to vibrant cultural diversity and captivating natural beauty, there is a lot that Trivandrum has to offer. So if you are looking for a quick weekend getaway with your family, I suggest you visit Trivandrum and explore this majestic city by booking a car on rent in Trivandrum with a local driver.

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